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The privacy policy of (referred to as HBLF INDIA) detailed herein below controls the collection, possession, storage, management, and dealing of personally identifiable information and crucial personal information of the user(s)/supplier(s) of HBLF INDIA. The privacy policy of HBLF INDIA defines the protection of user(s)/supplier(s) personal information and declares what all data is captured and for what purpose. All the user(s)/supplier(s) of HBLF INDIA must read, understand and accept the content of this policy to use or continue using the platform of HBLF INDIA. The privacy policy of HBLF INDIA, as detailed herein, also applies to users or suppliers of HBLF INDIA via mobile or any other device.

Collection of Information
  • When creating an account or registering with HBLF INDIA, HBLF INDIA collects user(s)/supplier(s) information, including name, company name, email address, contact number, and other relevant business information. If the individual is browsing the platform of HBLF INDIA, then that individual will not be eligible to register and become a user(s)/supplier(s) on HBLF INDIA.
  • For genuineness and compliance with statutory requirements, business identification details such as GST (for Indian users or suppliers) and BIN (for international users or suppliers) are compulsory.
  • HBLF INDIA collects information about the user(s)/supplier(s) company, such as the market network, commencement of the business, annual purchase volume, and much other information. This information will be displayed on the supplier(s) mini website for the users to familiarize themselves and learn about your company.
  • HBLF INDIA will take user(s)/supplier(s) camera access to request images.
  • HBLF INDIA will take user(s)/supplier(s) geo-location access from desktop/mobile/tablet.
  • All user(s)/supplier(s) are provided the chat options to interact with one another on HBLF INDIA. The chat records are kept in the archive mode to solve future concerns, if any, but not shared with any third party or for external when contacting HBLF INDIA for customer service, the conversation between the user(s)/supplier(s) and HBLF INDIA will be recorded for problem-solving. HBLF INDIA provides customer service options via calls, chat, and email.
  • HBLF INDIA gathers and stores the user(s)/supplier(s) usage statistics such as IP addresses, pages viewed, user behavior patterns, the number of sessions, unique visitors, browsing activities, browser software operating system, and more, for analysis, which will help HBLF INDIA to provide better experience value-added services to the user(s)/supplier(s) of HBLF INDIA.
  • HBLF INDIA retains information provided by users or suppliers for as long as it is required to provide services to the user(s)/supplier(s) or for any other purpose for which the data can be legitimately processed or retained as required by any governmental enactments or applicable laws.
Purpose and Usage of Information

The followings are the purposes and usages of collecting the information:

  • Verify the user(s)/supplier(s) identity, eligibility, and registration and provide bespoke services.
  • For encouraging the services offered or available on the platform of HBLF INDIA.
  • For advertising, marketing, displaying & publication.
  • For enabling communication with the user(s)/supplier(s) of HBLF INDIA so that the user(s)/supplier(s) may obtain maximum business opportunities.
  • For generating business inquiries and trade leads.
  • For sending communications, notifications, news, customized mailers, and more.

HBLF INDIA uses "cookies" to store certain information about the user(s) or supplier(s) and to track the user(s) or supplier(s)' visits to the HBLF INDIA platform. A "cookie" is a little piece of data provided to the user(s)/supplier(s) browser and kept on the user(s)/supplier(s) device. Assume the user(s) or supplier(s) do not disable or delete the cookie. In that case, HBLF INDIA's services will be notified of the user's or supplier's visit to the platform each time the user(s) or supplier(s) accesses the platform using the same device. HBLF India may know which users or suppliers visited and the frequency with which they did so. In HBLF INDIA, Cookies also refer to identifying users, suppliers, and browser software and providing features such as recommendations and customization.

Grievance Officer

If any individual has any questions, queries, or concerns regarding any of the content of the privacy policy, please contact us at

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